Watching a baby chick hatch from the egg..

This is amazing to see…I video others as well..

How Tequila Is Made..Tequila the drink of Mexico

Having a party..dont forget the tequila….

Caesar: The Salad Story…First made in Mexico

The Caesar salad we all have come to love..was first made in Mexico.


Who doesnt like chocolate…well here how it all began…and we can thank the Mayan in Mexico.


Cochinita Pibil/Roasted Pork in Achiote

• Marinate a quality cut of pork, or an entire pig, in an achiote marinade overnight.

• Place meat on banana leaves, in a deep baking pan, and pour marinade over the meat.

• Finish folding leaves over meat at cover pan with foil.

• Bake at 350 degrees. If it is a loin you should go about ½ hour per pound and about an hour per pound for a tougher cut and/or until meat comes apart at the touch.

• Serve with warm tortillas.

Guacamole….Yucatan Food Reecipe

Guacamole- everyones favorite Mexico food

• Cut avocado in half and remove seed.

• Remove meat of avocado and place in bowl.

• Add a tablespoon of lemon/lime juice.

• Mash avocado to desired consistency.

• Mix in chopped tomatoes, chopped onions, minced Habanero chile and cilantro, if desired, to taste.

• Place seed in Guacamole to maintain freshness and color. This is the secret to keeping Guacamole fresh!

• Keep sealed under plastic wrap until served.

• Chill in refrigerator.


Salbutes and Panuchos/Yucateco Tacos and Tostadas

• Salbutes and Panuchos are Yucateco style tacos and tostadas respectively.

• They generally are made out of shredded turkey but can be made with chicken, fish or beef if desired.

• They should be made out of handmade tortillas but I’m too lazy

• For Panuchos, take a fresh handmade tortilla and place it in a frying pan with a minimal amount of boiling oil and place the tortilla in for a few seconds and watch for it to inflate. Remove quickly and slice bubble open. Quickly place a teaspoon of black refried beans in bubble, close and quick fry upside down. Remove and place on paper towel for oil.

• Place desired topping on with Xni-pec salsa.

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