Sunday Morning in My Garden

I was sitting by the pool and looking around my garden having my morning coffee.  There is always something new for me to see each day. I watched the puppies play in the grass and stopped to look around. I guess being so used to seeing the color of the rainbow each day, sometime I forget how beautiful the garden can be. I a week or two I will have a huge crop of tomatoes coming in, there are always coconut for the sweet milk inside. But the colors in the yard is what really catches your attention. When I lived in Virginia, I would start planting as soon as the fear of frost was gone, and then set by sadly and watch the first frost kill all the new blooms. The the long winter ahead waiting for another year of color in my garden. But  here I am blessed each day with something  new. A feast for the eye of color and beauty. I hope you enjoy the colors of my world, I am truly a very blessed man.