American Thanksgiving at the Hyatt, Merida, Mexico

It all started out about 6 years ago with a few friend going to the Hyatt to celebrate Thanksgiving together. This year there were 31 of us at the table. All age, all walks of like and from all over  the world. The states, Canada, France, Africa, Europe and the list goes on and on. All eager with one thought in mind…Thanksgiving turkey. The Hyatt has a buffet all the time that reminds me of a cruise ships buffet. But for Thanksgiving they add even another section, this time for the expats living here in Merida, Mexico. Not only was there the vast selection they usually have like steak, salmon, chicken, and pork, the now 7 huge turkeys. At least that is how many I saw them bring out. The salad bar, bread bar and cheese bar were yummy, the turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy were a taste of home. The dessert bar, well that was over the edge. The chocolate cake with orange sauce was like eating a Whitman Sampler chocolate.  Needless to say, I need to head to the gym next week. I hope you enjoy looking at these photos as much as I did sampling all the goodies. Since I am too tired and full the move….I will just stop here and post the photo so you can share my misery…..HAPPY THANKSGIVING 2011.


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