Here in the Yucatan it is the rainy season and while we are at the end of the season, the mosquitoes are big and biting. So here is away to not only to practice your tennis swing, but get rid of those pesky biting mosquitoes. This light weight tennis racket has a super charged net. One swing and you can hear the little monster FRY….zap,zap, zap. When the racket wears down, just plug it into an electrical socket and recharge it.

You can find these for sale on most of the avenues here in Merida. The street vendors sell them from any where from $10.00 to $12.00 dollars. But for those penny wise reader, Win Fa chinese restaurant out by Sam’s Club sells them for $7.00. They make a great gift and are great  evening fun for the kids….keep them busy for hours while you enjoy the mosquitoe free zone.

I promise if you buy one…you will have a difficult time putting it down.

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On my way to the gym each morning, I pass my paperman. He is always there, rain or shine. This is dedicated to him for all the smiles over time.


Eyes that stir ahead

A smile lost to time

Weather worn hands

Long past his age.

Tattered shirt

Jeans solid with time

Sandals taped together

So not to fall off.

But everyday he is there

He stands like a soldier

Waiting his turn

Always eager to please.

I see him everyday in my travels

Wondering what his life has held

If he has seen a happy day

And known the meaning of joy.

But for today I will smile

He will smile back

Handing off my morning paper

In that  moment our lives touch.





I asked for a hotdog to go…this is what I got

too cute to not pass along.

Let me show you our latest homes in Merida Yucatan Mexico…and we can stop and get a hotdog to go…

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When I moved to Merida almost 10 years ago. David a friend of mine and I opened Los Arcos Guesthouse. It remains on the top 5 lists of all the top guesthouses in the city. The house has three stories. The first story has a living room, dining room, library, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. Off the kitchen is a huge sunroom that acts as dining area and place to sit and enjoy T.V. The second floor has a study area, bedroom and huge bathroom. The rooftop terrace has a commanding view of the whole city. At night the breeze and star are magical. The backyard is very tropical and has two guest cottages each with its own bathroom. The tiled pool is both inviting and great for a midnight swim. We have had guest from all over the world and many return each year. David is the innkeeper and everyone falls in love with him. The breakfast at Los Arcos are huge, eggs, Mexican style, fruit, sweet bread and cakes, juices, and freshly made coffee. You will be stuffed for the day.

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Home Shrines…Wooden Santo…Saints




Throughout history the church has had statues and shrine to the patron saints, the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ. Mexico is a county steeped in faith. Almost every home has it shrine area. You will always find candle and sweet incense burning.  Every village will have their own patron saint and once a year they will celebrate this saint with parades, fireworks and a time of family gatherings. Most of the very oldest santo or wood statues were made of wood. Some painted with gold leaf, glass eyes and usually adored with metal as a way of saying thank you to the saint for a pray answered. I find peace and solace in the shrine areas in my home. Call it protection, call it crazy, maybe I have been in Mexico too long. But I find the culture alive and rich. I hope you enjoy seeing some of the wonderful wooden saints that share my life with me.



poem by Jim Mann

oil painting by David W. Reed III

The Medicine Man

He listens, eyes intense with interest

Half nodding with vas understanding of time

Lips ready to speak a truth

And he listens

Worn straw hat and worn headband signal

His status, long grey hair a sign of wisdom

As he ponders what to say

And he listens.

Hidden stores ,ceremonies lost in time

Rush though his mind like a warm summer breeze

White stubble beard, we see the pace of his life

And Yet he listens.

The gift of wisdoms comes to those who wait

That have traveled life’s highways


Live your dreams in Merida Mexico



Poem by Jim Mann

Featuring the artwork of David W. Reed III

The Blanket

As I past through the room today

I saw my blanket out of the corner of my eye

It was the same blanket that has laid there for years

And recants memories tucked deep within my mind.

Yes, a blanket is just a blanket, they come in many sizes and shapes

Many colors and textures, for many ages

But my blanket is special, it is the story of so much of my life

A photo album of colors to remember.

Worn edges signal years of cradling me

Keeping me warm and safe.

Colors that bring back forgotten moments lost in time

Woven together as if to hold the pieces safe

In sky blues the morning light awakens me

Shade of green bring back the spring days under an oak tree

Oranges a fall sunset with the hint of winter in the air

All surround a black field of nighttime dreams

Yes, a blanket is a blanket

But mine is the keeper of time the history of my life

It is the thing I reach for on winter nights or what hold me tight in sadness

My blanket is my escape into my world of dreams and memories.

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