One last glace, the day fleeting

Hiding in shadow waiting for the dark.

Hoping for one more moment of glory in the sun

Bird hurry to their canapé hide away for the night.

There is a hush that seems to calm the waiting evening,

Welcoming the mystery of the night ahead.

Standing there reflecting on the day spent

In anticipation of a new day ahead.

Time gone, lost forever floating above us like clouds that will soon disappear.

Each day I find myself here, like the striking of a clock,

I am here.

I take the cord in my hand, it is time.

The last act is finished for this day.

I close the curtains and venture into the time that is now



This morning I headed to one of my favorite places for breakfast here in Merida. A restaurant that is open daily, but Sunday everyone shows up to eat. They have the best Carnitas in Merida. Carnitas is pork deep fried in oil and pulled apart to make sandwiches or tacos. Carnitas are orginally from Michoacan, but have found there way here to Merida. They are located on Calle 60 near the Cosco here in Merida. A place to sit and enjoy the food with friends. After a good meal here…let me show you all the wonderful homes that are for sale here in Merida.  Merida is a city that will steal away your heart…..




01While you are visiting Merida Yucatan Mexico, check out and stay at Los Arcos bed and breakfast.


David the inn keeper will see that you have the best time of your life….check out the article in the New York Times….at the bottom.


Sunday Morning in My Garden

I was sitting by the pool and looking around my garden having my morning coffee.  There is always something new for me to see each day. I watched the puppies play in the grass and stopped to look around. I guess being so used to seeing the color of the rainbow each day, sometime I forget how beautiful the garden can be. I a week or two I will have a huge crop of tomatoes coming in, there are always coconut for the sweet milk inside. But the colors in the yard is what really catches your attention. When I lived in Virginia, I would start planting as soon as the fear of frost was gone, and then set by sadly and watch the first frost kill all the new blooms. The the long winter ahead waiting for another year of color in my garden. But  here I am blessed each day with something  new. A feast for the eye of color and beauty. I hope you enjoy the colors of my world, I am truly a very blessed man.

Morning Surprise in my Merida Mexico Garden

A year ago I purchase this tiny plant and the seller told me to make sure it got lots of light in a warm sunny location. In one year it has grown into a beautiful tree. It is my Orchid tree. It started blooming a few days ago and is in full swing. There are hundreds of buds to open, so I know for the next few weeks I will be greeted with blooms each morning in my garden walk. I love living in the tropics, the warm tropical breezes and warm rain help the plants to grow at record speed. Now I get to share these with you. I hope you enjoy sharing my morning with me.

American Thanksgiving at the Hyatt, Merida, Mexico

It all started out about 6 years ago with a few friend going to the Hyatt to celebrate Thanksgiving together. This year there were 31 of us at the table. All age, all walks of like and from all over  the world. The states, Canada, France, Africa, Europe and the list goes on and on. All eager with one thought in mind…Thanksgiving turkey. The Hyatt has a buffet all the time that reminds me of a cruise ships buffet. But for Thanksgiving they add even another section, this time for the expats living here in Merida, Mexico. Not only was there the vast selection they usually have like steak, salmon, chicken, and pork, the now 7 huge turkeys. At least that is how many I saw them bring out. The salad bar, bread bar and cheese bar were yummy, the turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy were a taste of home. The dessert bar, well that was over the edge. The chocolate cake with orange sauce was like eating a Whitman Sampler chocolate.  Needless to say, I need to head to the gym next week. I hope you enjoy looking at these photos as much as I did sampling all the goodies. Since I am too tired and full the move….I will just stop here and post the photo so you can share my misery…..HAPPY THANKSGIVING 2011.

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